international conference on “Rights of Persons with Disabilities

 Al Hussein Society/Jordan Center for Training and Inclusion,  in cooperation with Hashemite University,  has organized an international conference on “Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Adaptation and Accessibility “.
 The conference was held on Tuesday April 14th.2015 at the Hashemite University in Zarqa /Jordan with the following objectives:

1-    Raising the awareness of communities on the importance of accessibility and environmental adaptations for PWDs in creating  an inclusive society.
2-    Disseminate the basic concepts of accessibility based on local & International standards.
3-    Presenting distinguished experiences in adaptations and accessibility at the local and international levels.
4-    Present latest studies in the field of accessibility by University professors.

This conference was held as part of regional development project activities that has been implemented by AHS in Zarqa since 2010 in cooperation with the Spanish government through FPSC.  The project aims at providing models of accessible environment by adapting vital public premises. These premises included schools, health centers, university, governorate, directorate complex and vocational training centers both for females and males equally.    Eventually we look forward to see   Zarqa Friendly Environment for Persons with Disabilities.

The conference came with several recommendations the most important of all being is to hold similar conferences to interest of persons with disabilities on annual basis and in cooperation with local and international universities. Furthermore the University presidents announces that forty different actions will be taken in six month's period  to improve the quality of life of students with disabilities inside the university  campus.

Several governmental organization have participated in the conference and presented their achievements in environment adaptations such as :
1-    The Higher Council for Persons with Disabilities
2-    Greater Amman Municipality
3-    Al Hussein Society
4-    FPSC

In addition to that a Spanish organization called ONCE has participated through Skype.
Several universities have submitted scientific papers re accessibility and adaptations such as:
1-    German Jordanian University
2-    University of Jordan
3-    Hashemite University
4-    Jordan University for Science and Technology.
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