a conference at the Spanish Ambassador's palace in Lebanon

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The Fundación Promoción Social de la Cultura (FPSC) and arcenciel are organizing a conference-debate on the issues of accessibility to public places and employment of people with disabilities, on Tuesday, March 31st, 2015 at the residence of the Ambassador of Spain, H.E. Mrs. Milagros Hernando, at the Chehab palace - Hadath, from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.​

Convenio II (10-C01-91) is a Spanish initiative funded by the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation to Development (AECID) and the FPSC. It aims to improve the social integration of disabled people in the Middle East through accessibility measures in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. This is actually the second project after Convenio I (2006-2010) devoted to "improving the assistance to disabled persons through the development of infrastructure, community services and training programs in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Egypt."

Convenio II aims to establish adaptation units, professional development workshops, and training of staff on topics such as accessibility, design and production. The objective is to achieve at least 50 adaptations in the four countries and provide vocation training and / or employment opportunities for at least 560 people with disabilities.

The interventions calendar will be as follows:

- HE Mrs. Milagros Hernando, Ambassador of Spain in Lebanon

Mrs. Hernando will talk about the cooperation Spain-Lebanon and the responses of Spain to the Lebanese needs.

-Rafael Pero – representative of FPSC

Mr. Pero will begin by identifying the status of accessibility in the Middle East and the role of FPSC in the region, mentioning the Convenio project and its four regional partners (Yadan bi Yad – Syria, CEOSS – Egypt, Al Hussein Society (AHS) – Jordan and arcenciel – Lebanon).

-Georges Xanthopoulos – representative of arcenciel

Mr. Xanthopoulos will show the adaptations undertaken in Lebanon, as well as the network of civil society/public/private.

- Ralph Khoury - HR representative of Sanita Lebanon

Mr. Khoury will speak about the involvement of the private sector.

- Ayad Wakim – representative of arcenciel

Mr. Wakim will give his own testimony about the importance of accessibility in the daily life of a disabled person.

- Georges Xanthopoulos - portal web developer
A presentation of web portal services will be on the menu.​
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