Outreach and distribution services for Syrian refugees with disabilities and most vulnerable Jordanians of the host communities

This project in under the cooperation of OCHA, Al Hussein Society Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs" and FPSC

Project duration: 6 months starting first of July 2012 till 31 December 2013

Place of activity: Ramtha Province, Karak province, Maan Province

Estimated number of beneficiaries:

Provide services to 700-1000 persons with disabilities amond syrian refugees and jordanian citizens

Provide technical aids and prosthetics to 300 persons with disabilities among syrian refugees in Jordan, based on priorities and international standards. The technical aids and prosthetics should reach the number of 800.

General purpose of the project: Improve the conditions and standard of living for the persons with disabilities among syrian refugees and jordanian citizens in Al Ramtha –Karak and Maan

Main goals

  1. Distribution of adapted technical aids to persons with disabilities among Syrian refugees and Jordanian citizens in Ramtha, Karak and Maan area
  2.  Distribution of prosthetics, orthotics and medical devices for persons with disabilities among Syrian refugees and Jordanian citizens Ramtha - Karak – Maan Area
  3.  Spread awareness and knowledge about human capabilities and potential of persons with disabilities and on prevention programs disabilities and how to deal with disability.

The mechanism of action achieved in the project: “Activities”

The Al Hussein Society's multidisciplinary team which includes (physiotherapists, therapists, Occupational therapist and medical technicians, splints, artificial limbs and technicians for mobility aids) visited the specified center to assess the needs of persons with disabilities, take measurements and complete information based on international standards.

3 persons among the 8 constituting the technical staff are with disabilities, "the first technician in the medical devices and artificial limbs program, his deputy and the first technician in the technical aid program.

The team also provides aids and kinetic actions with necessary adjustments in the Association headquarters specialized workshop.

The technicians of splints will handle splints, medical devices and prosthetics in the workshop.

Following that, a coordination visit will be organized to distribute technical aids, splints and devices based on earlier assessment and confirm that those devices are suitable to their needs and abilities.

What distinguishes the current project is to provide

Technical aids and devices adapted according to the needs, capabilities and potential of the person with disabilities and this is for the first time that these services are provided to Syrian refugees and Jordanian citizens.
  • as well as provide the persons with disabilities with splints and artificial limbs immediately after the evaluation.
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