Graduation of the first group of persons with disabilities enrolled in the computer training session

Jordan – Al Zarka
Vocational Institute - Jabal Tarek/ Computer Support Center

In the framework of the activities within the project " Improvement of the Social Integration of Disabled Persons in the Middle East through Accessibility: Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt - 4 Years” and after the Al-Hussein Society established a workshop for devices, in support of the Jabal Tarek female professional Institute and in coordination with the Vocational Training Corporation as a government incubator Al Hussein launched the first specialized training courses for people with disabilities and they were all people with mental disabilities. 

22 persons, 18 females and 4 males, participated in this training. An Al Hussein specialized team in" occupational therapy – and in computer” evaluated the capabilities and needs of each person individually and put a plan in coordination with the Institute coaches who have been trained in advance by a team from Al Hussein Society on the issue of support for computer hardware and submitting a detailed report to the Vocational Training Corporation. 

Duration of the course was 6 months, and it took place made under the supervision and follow-up of the coaches Institute and cadres of Al-Hussein Society. During the month of November 2011, and by the end of the session a re-evaluation of persons with disabilities was made by a multidisciplinary team of Al-Hussein Society who identified the extent of development that has occurred on the capabilities and skills of persons with disabilities who enrolled session. 

It was enough to see how people with mental disabilities used the computer - how they surfed on the Internet – made drawing - social interaction among themselves to judge the extent of the benefits that have been achieved.

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