2014: YBY: Blacksmith Workshop 
1 April –30 June 2014
The 4 PWDs are being trained to use the forge and anvil, and will gain new skills such as drawing down, scrolling making, twisting and other artistic techniques at Yadan Bi Yad association. The workshop combines all basic hand tools and safety equipment, which will be used to create the final piece of their design. This course provides essential knowledge for PWDs to be able to start working independently in their own future career

2014: YBY: Sewing Workshop
1 April –30 June 2014
In this workshop, PWDs are receiving helpful hands-on training in the fundamentals of textile industry. Yadan BiYad association is working under FPSC program to qualify the PWDs, introduce them to the basics of sewing and then train them on the sewing machines, using professional equipment to produce a textile item. At the end of this workshop , PWDs will be able to use the skills they gained to make nice textile items

Carpentry Workshop2014: YBY: Carpentry Workshop
1 April –30 June 2014
This intensive Training is ideal for those PWD who wants some introductory carpentry. This is a great hands-on course covering a range of very useful carpentry skills and is also an ideal course for anyone who is contemplating undertaking a carpentry qualification

The Upholstery Workshop2014: YBY: The Upholstery Workshop
1 April – 30 June 2014
YadanBiYad Association under FPSC Programs host professional courses for PWDs wishing to learn the art of upholstery, soft furnishing and loose cover making.
Our small classes, containing a maximum of 6 PWDs, run from Sunday to Thursday.  Our aim is to help PWDs learn, develop new skills and complete special projects.  Whether they wish to give a favorite old chair a new lease of life or turn their life around and start a new career.

computer workshop2011-2012: YBY: computer workshop
October 2011- May 2012
The computer workshop includes 41 participants divided in 5 groups according to their IQ levels.
The workshop covers the following topics

office workshop 
 2011-2012: YBY: office work workshop
September 2011- May 2012
The office work workshop aims at training participants on techniques of photocopying, answering and transferring phone calls, basic steps for store inventory. In a second stage, the workshop will focus on training participants in sales and purchasing. The workshop includes 3 participants with mild mental disabilities who can read and write.

intellectual workshop2011-2012: YBY- intellectual development workshop
September 2011- May 2012
The intellectual development workshop is tailored to people with mental disabilities who lack the capability to take other vocational trainings. In this workshop, participants will be taught on self care, self dependency and respect of social traditions and customs. At a later stage, they will be trained on simple production techniques such as: wood planing, screw-tightening, colouring and decoration of products, packing of products for fairs, decorating soap baskets etc. The workshop sessions are daily and cover span of 2 semesters.
 the Objectives of the workshop are the following
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craft workshop2011-2012: YBY- craft apprenticeships workshop
February 2011- ongoing
Trainees attended daily training sessions (both theoretical and practical) on carpentry, upholstery, blacksmithery as well as sewing and embroidery. Each session lasted for 5 hours.
Workshops were ongoing throughout 2012. 
intellectual english workshop 

2011: ACCAD- english and computer workshops
In March 2011, Yadan bi Yad (YBY) signed a partnership with ACCAD private training centre in Aleppo, which offers English courses as well as Computer courses.
During the course of the year 2011, YBY interviewed 35 candidates  and sent their applications to ACCAD.
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