Yadan BiYad association efforts during Syrian crises:

Syrians Camps with Yadan Bi Yad association

According to a United Nations spokesman, "Every hour people are being maimed and becoming permanently disabled or being killed in Syria", So many horrors are occurring that it is impossible to provide an exact number.

yadan Bi Yad Workshop

The world's efforts to deal with the challenges facing people with disabilities inside Syria are extremely weak. Whereas Yadan BiYad Association with the support of FPSC is one of the few organizations that are doing a professional work to provide rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities inside Syrian territories. Many persons who suffered traumatic injuries during the conflict face the risk of permanent disability resulting from complications, inadequate follow-up and physical rehabilitation, which our association provides

Most of the physically disabled persons due to the conflict are in need of mobility devices to facilitate their physical mobility. However, mobility devices available in Syria, especially during this crisis, are not affordable and it’s not easy to get them. Therefore, Yadan BiYad Association in Aleppo is working with the support of FPSC and Arcenceil since 2010, to provide mobility devices to those in tremendous need.

Out of the total number of beneficiaries from Yadan BiYad services, there are 30% with a disability caused by the conflict, many injury cases resulted in amputations or disfigurement. Those injured people are expected to have long-term disabilities, therefore, it’s essential to help them adapt to their permanent situation. Bakri, the 8 years old boy, has lost his whole ankle because of a rocket that fell in his neighborhood. His father used to carry him because he couldn’t walk, but after visiting our association, we provided him with axillary crutches, and he could finally walk independently.

Besides physical rehabilitation, Yadan BiYad is the only Association in Aleppo that provides speech and language therapy, and psychomotor therapy for young children who have communication and motor competency problems.

Services provided through the project:

  • Physiotherapy (sessions are held at the two centers)
  • Speech-therapy (sessions are held at Suk al Intaj center)
  • Psychomotor therapy (sessions are held in Suk al Intaj center)
  • Technical aids provision ( in Suk al Intaj center)
    • Axillary crutches
    • Elbow crutches
    • Walkers
    • Toilet Chairs
    • Wheelchairs
    • Air mattress

Suk Al Intaj:
Al Muhafaza, Aleppo
(+963) 212240217

University Campus: 
Unit 7, University campus, Aleppo
(+963) 993040561
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