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Ahmad Sabra has short leg syndrome

success Story Of Ahmad
Ahmad Sabra has short leg syndrome. He was very proud of being one of the PWDs who received training in the carpentry workshop at YadanBiYad Association,which is one of four workshops aimed to train 25 of PWDs in three phases, each phase consists of three months training under FPSC Programs.
One of the achievements of Ahmad Sabra in this project is solving his short leg problem with a primitive solution. He participated in manufacturing a wooden extension to help him to ease his walking obstacle. 

A trainee of YBY secures a job in the public sector

young boy with disability learning to use to the computerDecember 2011: Mohammad ZK was born in February 1988 to a small family. The joy of his birth did not last long. 8 days after birth, Mohammad contracted a virus that affected his hearing ability and left him with a speech difficulty and a light mental disability.

Since, his life has revolved around hospital admissions and the family started its battle against a society where disabled people cannot achieve their basic human rights. Mohammad enrolled in a regular school, but could not catch up with his colleagues due to his hearing and speech disability. 

The family did not give up on their son and a speech therapist was assigned to his case and followed him up until he was able to read and write at basic levels. The family had to search for alternatives to school and decided to register Mohammad in computer courses.

Yadan bi Yad adopted Mohammad’s case and enrolled him in an ICDL course that lasted for 75 days. 

Mohammad successfully completed the course. Yadan bi Yad worked with him on developing his CV. The association aided him in securing a job as a computer operator at the center for special education for people with hearing disabilities, affiliated to the directorate of social affairs and labor
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