2011-2012: YBY- intellectual development workshop

intellectual workshop

September 2011- May 2012: 

The intellectual development workshop is tailored to people with mental disabilities who lack the capability to take other vocational trainings. In this workshop, participants will be taught on self care, self dependency and respect of social traditions and customs. At a later stage, they will be trained on simple production techniques such as: wood planing, screw-tightening, colouring and decoration of products, packing of products for fairs, decorating soap baskets etc. The workshop sessions are daily and cover span of 2 semesters.
Objectives of the workshop:
  1. training on self-care: hand-washing, toothbrushing, using the toilet, self-dependency in wearing one's own clothes
  2. training on simple manual tasks 
  3. organizing gardening activities in order to acquaint the participants with outdoor activities
  4. computer training by means of entertaining games adapted to the participants mental capacities
  5. training on respect of social traditions and customs, proper behaviour in public places
  6. one hour of entertainment activities/ day
  7. one hour of sports/ day

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