intellectual english workshop

2011: ACCAD- english and computer workshops

In March 2011, Yadan bi Yad (YBY) signed a partnership with ACCAD private training centre in Aleppo, which offers English courses as well as Computer courses.

During the course of the year 2011, YBY interviewed 35 candidates  and sent their applications to ACCAD.
  • total attendance: 35
  • total number of candidates completing the course: 22
    • computer course:
      • total attendance: 17 candidates 
      • content of course: Training in International Computer Driving License (ICDL) including a training on MS office, IT, antivirus applications and hardware
      • computer literacy final exam attendance: 15 
      • exam success: 11
    • accounting course: 1 candidate 
    • photoshop course: 1 candidate 
    • english course: 3 candidates 
ACCAD centre chose to follow up 8 applicants and coach them in their job hunt
  • 6 candidates passed the government placement test and received a national diploma in computer literacy 
  • 3 candidates got employed in government positions: 
    • public hospital: 1
    • sugar factory: 2

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