Situation of PWD in partnering nations - Egypt

PWD estimatations in the general population

  • 8% of the residents of Shubra district are PWD 
  • 10% of the residents of al Saida Zeinab district are PWD 
  • 10% of the residents of al Khalifa district are PWD 
  • 15% of the residents of Al Salam City are PWD 

Access to Health and Social Services

Health conditions of PWD are weak as they face serious difficulties in obtaining good health services. Some PWD get access to treatment and medication through public services or through strong individual connections. However, generally speaking, specialized health services for PWD are unavailable 
The health services currently provided to PWD by local organizations are speech therapy, diagnosis and medication, prosthetic devices and technical aids, community based rehabilitation services, monthly allowances and pensions. 

Access to education

Governmental schools for PWD in:
- The Shubra district 
  • 2 schools for deaf people 
  • 3 schools for mental disabilities 
  • 1 school for blind people 
- Al Saida Zeinab district
  • 1 school for physical disabilities 
  • 2 schools for mental disabilities 
- Al Khalifa district
  • 2 schools for mental disabilities (one for children and one for adults) 
- Al Salam City
  • 2 schools for mental disabilities 

Access to employment

A large proportion of PWD in the targeted area is unemployed and few PWD work in the public and private sectors. Vocational trainings are limited.

Environmental accessibility for PWD

The only place made accessible for PWD is the underground metro in the Shubra district equipped with an elevator and electric stairs. There are no existing public structures accessible for PWD in Al Saida Zeinab district. In Al Khalifa district, some houses of PWD were adapted by CEOSS in partnership with the swedish organization Diakonia. In Al Salam City, one public garden was adapted by CEOSS and is accessible to PWD. Two other structures are accessible to PWD. These are: Al Salam International Stadium and the Rehabilitation Bureau of Al Salam Unit of Social Solidarity. Some houses of PWD were adapted by CEOSS in partnership with FORD Foundation.
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