Adaptation of an elementary Dalal al Maghraby school

  • Location: Al Shaba al Jadideh- Aleppo
  • Capacity: 950 students, 10 of which are with disabilities
  • Time span of adaptation: 2 months during summer 2011

Reason for adaptation

The school is located in the western side of Aleppo where no other schools are adapted. Three of the students at Yadan bi Yad school live close by and their parents asked the vocational section at the NGO to adapt it.

Initiation of adaptation work: 01 August 2011

Duration of adaptation work: 45 days. Delay was due to the Ramadan season, followed by the Fitr holiday. During this phase, most technicians work only 2 or 3 hours a day, three days a week.

Types of adaptation work

  • Adaptations to classrooms: Removal of a step leading to the blackboard in 4 classrooms and adjustment of the height of blackboards 
  • Adaptations to hallways: Placement of a long stair-rod alongside the wall to help the students move freely in & out of their classrooms 
  • Adaptations to staircases: Addition of a ramp to the stairs leading to the school yard where students spend their break 
  • Adaptations to bathrooms: Addition of a ramp at the entrance of one bathroom 
  • Adaptations to main entrance: Addition of a handrail to the main entrance of the school 
  • Adaptation to the sidewalks: Addition of a ramp and a handrail to the sidewalk in front of the school where buses usually drop students 
There was no need to adapt all the stairs leading to the various floors. The 4 adapted classrooms are on the same level of the yard, the bathroom, the teachers' lounge, the computer lab, the classrooms for private lessons and the principal's room

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